John Rakestraw

As you can see, there's not anything here yet.

Someday (probably later than sooner) I'll get around to fixing that.

I suspect you stumbled on this because you're looking for John Rakestraw. There are more of us than you might suspect. Here are some keywords associated with this one: guitar, Heidelberg, Wesleyan, SMU, onreligion, bicycling, McMurry, Caleb, MK.

Or you might check out some pictures I've taken. Maybe you recognize someone there?

If those keywords suggest to you that I might be the John Rakestraw you're seeking, go to the photography site mentioned above and use the "contact me" link there to send me an email. I'll get in touch with you. (That's assuming, of course, that you're not trying to sell me another Ph.D. or increase the size of my body parts.)

Or you might look at the Second Thoughts music group web site. Or there's also the web site. Or even the website for the Center for New Designs in Learning and Scholarship at Georgetown University.

Created on ... November 19, 2002