Living in the US and Looking for Hope

After writing two rather clumsy and rambling posts about current election turmoil in the United States, I’d like to back away a bit today in hopes of finding some reason for hope. (See what I did there?) Rebecca Solnit’s Hope in the Dark, though first written during the George W. Bush administration (remember when we thought it couldn’t get any worse?), offers some comfort.

More immediate and timely is this column by Margaret Sullivan.

But there’s good news in journalism, too. Consider ProPublica’s essential reporting on Justice Clarence Thomas’s rotten ethics. Or the way many news outlets have revealed the threats of Project 2025 – the alarming and detailed plan by Trump allies to dismantle democratic norms should their leader win a second term.

I’m also heartened by young journalists who are making their way in a difficult career field.

I take hope where I can find it.